Top-Notch Home Repair And Roofing Services

Every once in a while, you’re bound to invest in roofing and home repair services. These solutions don’t only help protect the occupants of your home from weather elements, but they also provide a sense of safety and security.

This is where Blue Line Roofing & Construction, LLC in San Antonio and Dallas, Texas comes in. Our roofing and home repair team is committed to delivering superior outputs that meet your expectations.

Roof Repairs

Unpredictable weather phenomena, especially storms or hail, can cause damage to your roof. These can often go unnoticed, leading to leaks and other problems. With our roof inspection and repair services, our experienced team can help you and your family manage this problem.

Home Repairs

Our company offers a variety of home repair services for both old and new houses. We will work alongside you throughout the whole process, from planning to completion.

Working With Insurance Companies

We have extensive experience in working with insurance companies. Our connections with insurance networks allow us to accomplish the roof repairs you need.

Get Started

Our services are available in various parts of Texas, including the Greater San Antonio area, Dallas Metroplex area, and the cities of Corpus Christi and Port Aransas. Feel free to reach out to our team for more information.